Best hands free choice for Moto G5 Plus?


I recently switched from Moto X (2nd gen) to Moto G5 Plus and so far have enjoyed my new phone. However, my Moto X had some nice “while driving” hands free functionality through the Moto app that would announce the names (from my Contacts of callers and texters), would read my texts, and would allow me to reply to dictate text repies. The Moto App seems to have taken away this functionality and I have not found an app that will provide the same functionality. Has anyone found a good solution? Thanks for any help you can provide!

Moto G5 Plus read texts to me

This might work for you:

This too might work for you. I just tested this app on my Samsung phone. Works pretty good too:


Thanks so much for your suggestion! I installed Android Auto and it is exactly what I was hoping for!!!


I’ve started using it myself and i’m very pleased with the app too!


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