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I’m doing some traveling for a month to a spotty WiFi area. I also need to do a fair amount of work, and wouldn’t mind streaming some videos. What do you recommend when I need 20-40GB of data over a month? Does Republic still offer the 20GB for $20 plan, or some sort of unlimited LTE plan? Thanks

Hi @ryanm.9ipmrd,

Neither, I’m afraid.

Would you mind being more specific about the area you would be traveling to? A recommendation regarding whose hotspot device to use would, in part, depend upon whose coverage was good there.

Edited to Add:

If you know T-Mobile has good coverage there, you might look at T-Mobile’s Test Drive: It would provide a free hotspot device and up to 30 GB of data for a month.

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That’s an interesting idea - hadn’t heard of Test Drive.

Yes, the area is Galveston, TX. Boost Mobile $50 for 50GB seems like a great deal, though I’d need to purchase a $50-100 device. I’d like something reliable and moderately priced, I don’t have to have the cheapest option.

I would consider Republic, but worry about getting on 3-4 Zoom calls a week that cost $5 each (1GB) :wink:


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