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I am in the market for a new phone. I love my apps and run out of space too soon. Suggestions on what to look for in a new phone??

That answer may depend on a few things such as budget and your current phone. Pretty much any phone that is currently sold as new will be able to run your apps.

Storage/memory may be your limitation. Storage amounts in new phones that are released continue increase. While you may use a large number of apps, probably only a few use large amounts of storage such as your cameras (picture & videos), some games.

What concerns do you have about a new phone related to your favorite apps?

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Thanks for the response. My issue is running out of storage. I generally purchase the least expensive phone that meets my needs. I only have one game and keep few pictures on my phone. My current phone is a moto e 5. I can budget as I wish, but would shudder to pay $700 for a phone. Also this phone does not seem to store anything on the sd card, it sits unused which does not help with storage.

You may want to consider the Google Pixel 4a which has 128GB of storage built-in and is a mid-range phone at a mid-range price.


Another option within Moto would be the Moto G Stylus 2021. It has 128gb of storage. I believe you’re E5 has only 16gb. The pixel mentioned by louisdi is a fine option too…

The pixel will have a superior camera. But if they isn’t a major determinant, you will save a little with the moto.

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Thank you I believe this will fit my needs and takes a bit of sting out of purchase.

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