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I am looking for the best phone for a phone. I don’t really care about the bells and whistles, camera and apps. I need a phone that sounds good when you are talking to people and doesn’t make me sound like I am the Teacher off of Charlie Brown. Or cut out when I am talking HELP THANK YOU

Cell Coverage and good wifi network is the main concern for calls. Pretty much any phone will be fine for basic calls.

I would suggest getting a phone that supports both GSM and CDMA, as that give you the best options in case you need to use R.W’s CDMA partner. The Moto E4 is good for this. My mother has it and it sounds great for calls.

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Oh Thank you for those thoughts. I have a MotoG5 and have had it for a couple of years on the Republic plan. It has just started to cut out and I was told to get a new phone to solve the problem. I will look at the Moto E4

Thank you

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  • Did the advise to ‘get a new phone’ come from the community or from Republic Help?
    • Asking because often with a little help from either group you can often improve your experience
  • PSA: Detailed Supported Phone Features is a user written/supported cross reference of the important attributes most often considered … it will point out which phones are Not CDMA (Sprint) capable
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It came from a friend who has an Iphone and keeps telling me that I need one in order to improve my call quality :smiley:

With Republic we can use T-Mobile (GSM) or Sprint (CDMA), these are augmented with WiFi to help overcome some of the problems that even iPhone users can’t escape (fringe cell areas, building penetration etc)
Normally if you provide some additional detail, some more targeted help could be offered by many in the community

Thank you I will do those things and get back to you :smiley:

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@jben has given you some excellent advice!

As for your friend… trust me that “friend” won’t quit until you get an Iphone… anything else will not be good enough…:slight_smile:

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