Best phone for seniors?

recommened phone such as Jitterbug 2. Can this be configured for RW?
Does RW offer an easy to use phone?
TIA Anthony

Hi @anthonyp.pduk7c!

Republic doesn’t support the Jitterbug phone or any flip phones.

That being said, I think that a Samsung phone would be a good choice for you. Samsung phones have a feature called “Easy Mode” that makes icons bigger and the interface easier to operate. You can read about Easy Mode here: Some good phone options that include easy mode would be the Samsung Galaxy A10e, the Samsung Galaxy A20, and the Samsung Galaxy A50 .

I hope that helps!

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  • A smartphone can provide many benefits for those of us that are well into our Senior Years!!
    • It remembers phone numbers, address’s, birthdays, doctor appointments and other things we may struggle with as we age
    • An opportunity to keep learning … an very important function
      • Key to this, may be having a friend or family that will help us learn, as picking up a phone and intuitively understanding all it’s function alone can be overwhelming.
  • For the younger readers, they provide an opportunity to put some ‘fun into the function’ as you develop ways to teach someone else how to use their new phone

  • The newer phones are generally larger, allowing most of us the ability to view maps, grand kids etc.

    • Here is a link to Detailed Supported Phone Features that provides measurements and many of the key feaures, this was originally published by a fellow Senior @billg (who is only a few years younger than I am)
  • This community, is well populated with many that can help … they just need to ask
    “Sometimes, I forget that I can’t remember everything”

There are also many senior-friendly launchers and apps available that can be installed on many of the phones available for RW. One such site is linked here. Your knowledge of the person who will be using the phone can guide you in choosing something appropriate.

(In the interest of full disclosure, I can’t make a wholehearted recommendation because I am a senior who would be very disappointed with anything less that a “standard” phone. )


I agree. I tried to help a family friend with her Jitterbug and was totally frustrated trying to do anything android related. And talk about sluggish response!

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What is the most senior friendly phone? I am considering one for my 86 y.o. somewhat computer savy father.

Hi @jessicah.6vjrd1 and welcome to the Member Community. The choice of a senior friendly phone is very subjective. Much depends on how the phone will be used.

Some prefer the Samsung line (like the Samsung Galaxy A10e) because of something Samsung calls “Easy Mode”. “Easy Mode” is an optional setting that re-configures the home screen with a simpler layout and larger fonts. There’s still access to the powerful features of the phone just in a more user-friendly capacity. I do not have any personal experience with the Samsung phone because we are running MotoG6’s.

You might find the following helpful –

I’m sure others will weigh in and offer some opinions too! Good luck on your phone search :grinning:

Hi @jessicah.6vjrd1,

I’ve moved your question into an existing topic on the same matter. There are already some good answers and advice above.


I got my Mom a Motorola X4 ( small, powerful mid range phone ) and installed a senior friendly launcher on it for her. There are plenty to choose from on the Google Play store. A very little tech savvy is all you need to set it up for them. If I were to buy one " today " for her, I might still go for a X4 if they are still around, or the Moto e6 would be another good option for a more budget friendly phone. With the launchers they have out on the Google Play store , any of your smartphones can turn into a senior/child friendly phone.

On that note, my Mom has had her phone for some time now. I think I will have to take out the graduation cap and gown soon for her. Maybe look for a little more advanced launcher for her at this point in time.


Hey, perhaps with a little encouragement and support, she will become the new ‘Tech go to Gal’ for her cohorts?
Just teach her how to search and ask questions on the Community Forum, the rest will come naturally :slight_smile:

Hi @glennm.xe08im,

Do you remember which launcher you used?

Big Button Launcher

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