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Hello, I m finally thinking about getting my sons phones. I am still not ready to do so, but I am starting to look. They are 13 years old. (will be 14 in Feb)

What are the best, inexpensive phones that I could buy for them? I don’t want to spend a fortune knowing I would have to buy two. I have a Moto G5 (I think that is it) and I love it. I wouldn’t mind getting them a Moto or anything else.

I would probably discuss it with them (unless this is a complete surprise gift). I’m sure they will probably want the latest iPhone or Google Pixel, but unrealistic expectations are to be expected. If they’ll be doing some gaming, a mid-range phone is your likely entry point (Moto G series or Samsung J7). My kid is still using a Moto X 2nd gen, but that was a high end phone when I got it for him ~3 years ago (at a really deep discount).


I started out my son on a Moto E2…to make sure he learnt responsible phone usage before I upgraded him to an X4. He is very happy with the X4.

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I rarely, if ever, see “phone envy” among my students. Most kids are happy with a device, it’s about the ability to run apps as much as anything else. I’d argue that a G6 is a solid starter, but you’ll definitely want cases for them. The point above about responsible phone usage is an important one–appropriate use, data management, and not breaking the screen are all a big deal.

You might also want to check with the school and see if there are apps they’re using in the class. Phones have appropriate educational uses, and that’s also an important skill to teach.

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