Best phone for visually impaired?

Looking for recommendations for a phone for someone visually impaired. Large screen, large text a must. Preferred black background/ white or yellow text. Suggestions?

In addition to looking at phones with largest screens, you may want to check out some different launchers from the Play store such as

There are several in Play store. They are listed as senior launcher and also for visually impaired.

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Hi @valeried.iqee26. I am somewhat visually impaired, too. Retina issues, mostly. I use a Pixel 3a XL, which I chose because of it’s large screen (and large battery). I also like the fact that Google updates the Android operating system frequently with security and feature updates. The 3a XL, however, is getting a bit long in the tooth. Unfortunately, though, it doesn’t support the newer 5G technology. And, for these reasons, they can be bought new for around the $300 mark, if you

While you search for the ideal phone for you, don’t forget that the Android OS has settings that are supposed to help the visually impaired, including the Accessibility features, settings to enlarge the fonts, magnification settings to enlarge the display, and settings to brighten the screen.

I wanted to add, since it was mentioned in the original post, Android does have setting for a “dark” theme… a dark background with white text. I also use a browser extension in the Firefox web browser that converts pages to a dark theme. I use these features on my Pixel phone. Much easier on the eyes.


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