Best Phone w/Expandable Storage or 256 GB

I’m struggling to find a phone in todays market that actually meets all my needs.

Here’s my wish list in a phone:

  • Snapdragon 765 or faster processor
  • Either 256 GB built in storage or expandable memory to get there
  • 5G
  • Under $500
  • Excellent camera
  • New (not used)
  • Unlocked

From what I’ve seen, the OnePlus 8T may be the only phone that meets the specs. Pixel 5a costs less, but no option to get to 256 GB. Samsung’s appear to cost a lot more than $500. Am I missing something or is the OnePlus really the only option?

Motorola Edge. The 2020 model is on sale for $400 for Motorola. The 2021 model is right at $500.

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B&H photo also has it, it’s $379.00.

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PC Magazine reviewed the Motorola Edge in October and found problems with the camera. “We noticed significant lens flare and problems with color accuracy in low-light test photos,” they said. While the camera is probably good enough for average work, I doubt anybody would call it “excellent.”

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  1. Don’t take photos toward the sun, or build a lens shade (curled fingers work in a pinch).
  2. Carry a flashlight for low light conditions.

Else: Increase your budget, or sacrifice one of the other criteria, or start a company to build a phone to those specs.

I might. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

Sadly, phones with expandable storage are going away, yet a 1 TB microSD card only costs $35.

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I’ve never been able to fill up 128GB of storage. My son is a gamer, so he can get close, but he still gets by with 128GB on his aging Razer Phone 2.

Yes, and I’m sorry to see that. They are a great place to store music and photos.

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I’m a bit of a stickler for uncompressed or at least lossless music formats. I go to a few places that don’t have wifi/cell service and like to listen to my music. 3 minutes of music is about 15 MB. I have a little over 10,000 songs in my collection which equates to 150 GB. I’m not a fan of only having some of my songs and picking through which one’s I want - which is what I have to do now as my Moto x4 has 32 GB + 32 GB external storage. I’m constantly culling my music files and getting tired of it.

Why I won’t use MP3’s is a discussion for an audio forum.