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I’ve decided I’m going to pick up a Pixel to replace my beloved (but slowly dying) OG Moto X. I was balking at the Pixel’s cost until I realized that, even at full price, the phone will be paid off in a year just by the difference between a 3GB plan w/ RW and a plan with a regular provider.

OK, so now that the decision’s been made. . . can anyone suggest where I can buy one for maybe a little less than direct from Google? There are tons on eBay that say “new in box” but I don’t want to get one and have password issues, get a Verizon model, or something else that might prevent a quick startup once I pop in the RW SIM. . . or am I better off jsut sucking it up and buying it at full price from Google? Cheers.


For what it’s worth, any Pixel (including a “Verizon” Pixel will work with Republic (and many other providers). The only caveat would be if the Pixel in question was built for markets other than North America


I just got a Pixel in “mint” condition from Swappa. Have used Swappa several times with no problems, but I usually get the ones in “mint” condition. If you get the Verizon version on Swappa, you can save about $100…essentially the only difference is that the bootloader on a Verizon Pixel is locked, so you can’t root it, or go back to an earlier version of Android. I had a Verizon Pixel when I was on Project Fi, and it was just fine, got all the Android updates directly from Google as I expected. You may encounter a couple of Verizon apps, but they are easliy uninstalled. While I now have a Google Pixel, I have no intention of rooting it, myself. Really like the regular, bare bones Android from Google. At any rate, I wouldn’t worry about getting a Verizon Pixel, you’ll just pay less.

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