Best plan for me?



Don’t laugh. This is a real question.
I do not know what “data” means. On my original $10/mo plan I had unlimited talk, text, wifi, & cell. I mainly use it for talk & text but and it is convenient to check email while at work ( wifi available at home and work) or before I went to sleep. I am not a big user of my phone for getting on the Web, but I do a little.
Now that my Moto E 1st gen is dead, so is the plan. I am waiting til June 30 (I wish they would let us pre-order) to order the E4.
How much “data” do I need and what does that mean? Is it “data” only when I am using cell service? And does this mean I could connect to cell for directions while driving?


You have no data on your current plan, so the equivalent talk/text plan on the new phone is $15 instead of $10. Cellular Data is the ability to access the internet, when away from wifi.

If your only interest is in navigating, I would recommend a product like that is designed for navigation without cellular data.

More info:


What would getting the $20 plan with some data do for me? I HATE apps. That is what messed up my phone in the 1st place.


Thanks for the link! I think I get it: The 1GB should be good for me. “Data” refers only to cellular transmissions from the web? So perhaps I could get directions from my phone when wi-fi not available? But I would still have unlimited talk and text (wi-fi or cell) with the $15 or $20 plan??


Yes, you are correct, but again, if all you’re interested in data for is navigation, you should look at the options that don’t require data and save yourself the $5.


OK. It’s just that all those updates with their notifications are so annoying!


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