Best replacement for Nexus 6P

I absolutely love my Nexus 6P. But updates are no longer available and, of course, the battery has seen better days.

Please share your experience in replacing a 6P. I do want that Corning glass screen again. Price is not a concern though I do want my money’s worth.


Given that you’re used to the Nexus experience the natural successor is the Google Pixel line. As the Pixel 4 /4 XL have just been released there are some great deals out there right now on the 3/3XL. There’s also the mid-range 3a/3a XL which are highly rated and have the absolutely best camera available in the price range.


Thanks so much for your response. I started studying and was beginning to pick up what you’re speaking about. Now I’m wondering why RW’s Pixel price seems to be higher than the general market. I realize it has RW’s software (which is great since I’ve been with RW since 2012). Any other advice, I’m very receptive!

Hi @donnag.346,

Republic Wireless does not add any software to the phones in our online store. We’re just a smaller company stocking small quantities of inventory, so we don’t get some of the large quota breaks the bigger online stores get for pricing.

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Thanks. I guess I’m thinking back to the day before SIM cards. Do I understand correctly that I can buy a Pixel and get RW’s SIM card?

Thanks, Donna

We currently support the Pixel (1, 2, 3, 3a) (standard or XL) for BYOP. Just make sure you don’t get one that is subsidized by another carrier. We’ve seen some examples where Pixels bought through another carrier at a great deal cannot be activated here because the great deal required they be activated on that carrier.

Yes, thank you. I’ll be very careful to get a proper one. Actually, the Pixel 3a on RW website looks fine. My Nexus 6P still has pristine glass. So I’m not sure if I need more protection on a newer phone? Seems that people note that a screen cover is necessary.

I’m afraid I don’t have any personal experience with the Pixel 3a, and if I did suggest a screen protector it might just look like I’m trying to “sell.” Maybe some current 3a users can chime in here.

From my own experience, though, I have noticed that the larger the phones get, the more likely it seems I’ll damage the screen.

Your responses have been very helpful. One last question: am I right that I can use the RW SIM card that’s now in my Nexus 6P?

Hi @donnag.346,

This one is an it depends. Specifically, it depends upon the SIM type housed in your Nexus 6P. Here’s how to tell:

If the SIM in your Nexus 6P is GSM, it would move to a new Pixel. You would need to install, then open the Republic app on the Pixel. Doing so would present an abbreviated activation sequence that would move service (plan and phone number) from the Nexus 6P to the Pixel.

If your current SIM is CDMA, we’ll need to provide further insight.


Thanks so much - excellent help!

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