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I’m needing to upgrade my phone and want to ensure that I have the best service in rural mountain areas of the West. I live in Oregon - but I travel a lot in Idaho, WY, and Colorado. I understand that phones can be activated on different networks and want to ensure that I choose the best option for my lifestyle.
Any guidance would be appreciated.

Hi @cuylam,

May we know which phone you currently use with Republic? Does its current coverage meet the lifestyle needs you mention?

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While answering the query from @rolandh, you may want to take a look at this

  • Online search
    • Search on your address, then select the Network (T-Nobile GSM or Sprint - CDMA)
      • They build the map by driving the routes in an auto and gathering data from multiple phones and carriers. This data is then analyzed and you can see what the actual results were (as well as the number of data points available) … I feel this is far superior to the standard carrier provided maps
        Here is an example of the granularity they provide (as well as carrier select that includes both used by RW)

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