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What would you say is the best small phone that one can use on the Republic Wireless network? I have to carry two phones with me. I have an iPhone 7 for work and a Moto X4 as my personal phone. I want something smaller but just as powerful as my Moto X4.

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In my opinion, there is precisely one phone that fits your criteria. The Samsung Galaxy s10e. That’s it. All other phones are either the same size or larger and as powerful, or slightly smaller but far less powerful. That said the size savings with the S10e isn’t significant, and the fact just is that phones are getting larger basically every time you look. It appears we didn’t learn the lesson of the original Gremlins movies and someone fed their cell phone after midnight, and we’ve been doomed to larger phones since.


The Google Pixel 3a would be the best option for you.

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