Best texting app for Galaxy J7

I have a new Galaxy J7, and I’m trying to figure out the best settings for texting. I got a notification that the default “Messages” program will not work with Republic and that I needed to choose “Anywhere.” So, I did that, and then I kept getting notifications asking me to switch back to Messages. It seems like no matter what I do, I get inconvenient notifications, and also texting does not seem to always work correctly. Can someone please tell me which one I should select, and a step-by-step guide to the various settings I should choose? Thank you!

Hi @kayem.00bsx7,

If you’re getting a notification from the Messages app, it usually means that you’re still launching that app and trying to send from it when you have set another app to be the default.

You’ll want to install Anywhere, set it as the default, and then make sure you’re opening it when you want to send a text message. I usually replace the messaging icon on my home screen with the Anywhere icon to make sure I’m opening the right app.

If my reply doesn’t seem to align with what you’re seeing, please share a screenshot with us, if you can do so without revealing any phone number or other personal info, and we’ll try to help you sort this out.

Thank you-- that was very helpful! I now understand the mistake I was making – I was going back and forth between the two icons on the home screen, which was causing all the problems, including those notifications. I’ve now got Anywhere set as the default, and the Anywhere icon is now on my home screen, as per your suggestion (and I removed the Messages icon). Thanks again. :slight_smile:


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