Best under $300 Upgrade for Moto X4

I am wanting to upgrade my phone and I was hoping to get some recommendations. I have the Moto x4, 32gb, and I want to love it, but it has been so laggy (often taking a minute or more to open apps, or show texts, or whatever), and the camera is so slow to open and sometimes crashes the phone… I also think I need more storage, because I can’t even put all the apps I need on it without it being too full!

{IF there ever was an android phone that helped with MMS texting with a group of iphone users, that would be great-- on several group texts, and one person texts “Did you see that?” and then three more texts come through “Jenny liked ‘Did you see that?’” Billy emphasized “Did you see that?” ETC!}

I would love to hear recommendations for phones that might be an upgrade for me, under $300 if that exists.

Hi @karenmolloy01 and welcome back to the Member Community.

Our houshold uses Moto G6’s. We especially like the Moto Display functions. Because you’re moving from a Moto X4 I’d suggest you start by reviewing the Motorola line. There are lots of sites that you can use to compare phones. One I’ve used that seems to do a good job is

Here’s a link to the phones supported by Republic Wireless Phones – Republic Help

And here’s a link for a Comparison of Currently Offered Phones – Republic Help

Some speak highly of the Pixel series phones, but they might stretch your budget a little. I’m sure others will have some opinions too! Often boils down to “Google is your friend” for doing this type of research.

Hope this helps and good luck on your search!

Thoughts on Moto Power and Stylus? Both seem to be good upgrades

Here’s an article from Android Central that might help. I don’t have experience with either phone since we’re still running old Moto G6s.

This is just one of many reviews available online. Google is your friend –

Decisions, decisions :grin:

I would personally be looking at the Google Pixel 3a/3a XL or waiting for the 4a which is supposed to become available in July some time.

That was another one I was looking at. I would prefer not the XL and I don’t want a phone too big for my hand, but it seemed the 3a was a good option.

In my opinion, the absolute best value right now in phones out there.

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Yes, I agree, I have been googling a lot. One reason I posted here as well is that I haven’t found any place that tells me how phones run on RW in comparison. I got the X4 based on a lot of googling and reviews. I do not know why my camera kills my phone, or why having 10% available space in storage isn’t enough. I think that sometimes it is related to the RW interface. So I like to get RW user opinions as well. (BTW, my daughter has the G6 and is very happy with it as well, but I think that would be a downgrade for me)

The only thing I saw that was better about the Moto play was the expandable memory. But I have been disappointed with that for my X4. I can only save photos and videos to the sd card, and that isn’t really necessary because I have google photos to store them in

I ‘upgraded’ from a Moto X4 (Android One, 64 GB) to a Moto G Stylus a week ago. My Moto X4 was less than 17 months old, and I noticed the screen lifting up out of the phone. After a bit of internet research, I found that this is a sign of a ‘swelling battery’, a problem, for more than one reason, needs to be addressed sooner, rather than later. I was not happy, as a lithium battery for a multi-hundred dollar device should last longer than 17 months. I still have my original Republic phone, a Moto G3 that my daughter uses, and its battery is just fine. I contacted Motorola, hoping for a special service program for a known battery issue, but was not successful; “The phone is out of warranty”. After some negotiating, Motorola offered me a trade-in of my X4 for the G Stylus, for $150 plus tax. After a week, my only complaint is a minor one; the phone is about a half-inch taller than the X4, and I did not need a bigger phone. However, the viewable display is actually much bigger than the X4 (a plus), the phone’s battery life is phenomenal, and it has twice the storage (128GB). I thought that I would use the stylus to take quick notes, but after a week I have only pulled it out to test it, so it is probably a wasted feature on me. The Moto G Power might have been a better choice (I was not offered that phone), but it only comes with 64GB and has less capable cameras, but perhaps not by much. It does have an even bigger battery, but the Stylus is significantly better than the X4, so I don’t think I really need it. In summary, I find the G Stylus to be a decent replacement for the X4.

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