Best way to add data for dates crossing billing period change?

My son is currently on WiFi only My Choice plan
Which is fine for him on his college campus. He is going on a trip next weekend and would like to have data so he can do homework using the hot spot. The problem is the new billing period starts on Saturday and he needs the data Friday and Saturday. As I understand it, the one time purchase will expire Friday and so I’ll have repurchase it on Saturday.

The other option I thought about was to move him to a data plan starting this week and then back it down later in the next billing period. If I upgrade the plan this week will the data be available immediately and be prorated to the last few days of the period? Can I downgrade the account after upgrading it temporarily?

Thoughts on the best way to manage this?

Hi @christophera.vgt2fh,

With My Choice, I’m afraid Republic doesn’t prorate the charge for cell data whether adding it one-time or upgrading a plan on a recurring basis. A plan upgrade is just as immediate as adding cell data on a one-time basis. Either way data purchased Friday would expire with the start of the new bill cycle Saturday.

As there’s no material difference, I suggest adding the cell data on a one-time basis when needed. I realize this means paying full price for cell data that will only be available for one day. Bottom line, however, is we’re talking about $5. I’m not trying to make that sound trivial but in the context of your son’s other college expenses, hopefully it won’t seem so bad.

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