Best Way to Replace Moto X (2nd. gen) Battery?


I’ve had the phone for about three years now and it doesn’t have a scratch on it, but the battery is starting to drain faster and faster (I’m having to charge it twice daily, more when I use it a lot), in addition to the fact that once it hits about 30%, it will drop down to zero in a second and just die. This happens with and without Bluetooth devices connected. I’ve also noticed the phone getting hotter when I run Caustic (virtual synthesizer app) for a while. These are all relatively recent issues.

However, I’ve read that Motorola does not sell replacement parts for anything that’s not considered user-accessible. What is the most reliable way to have the battery replaced? I’m not willing to pretend that I just need a new phone altogether after the money I spent on this thing.

Do I just have to find some local phone repair service? Is there any particular 3rd party battery that is known to be the best one for this phone?

Any help is appreciated.


I recommend C.P.R.


With zero phone surgery experience, I was able to replace the battery with ease and at minimal expense. Go slow, follow video meticulously…had to watch segments of the video a few times till it was clear.

Step One:

Get the right battery!
Bought an OEM battery for about $26 from The Key is to buy the right battery…there are a bunch of fake “OEM” batteries out there with the improper shape. The link above is where I bought my battery from…it has the perfect curves and shape, thus fit perfectly.

Step Two:
Get a T3 torx screw and review and
Follow this video exactly! Reading over the comments was also helpful…used double sided carpet tape to secure the new battery (worked perfectly). Been about 2 months since the “heart transplant” and our beloved Moto X 2nd gen is as good as new now.

Good Luck.


Thanks for sharing you success :southpawpoms: :southpawpoms:
For other users, here is the announce where iFixit and Motorola announced that they had partnered to make genuine Motorola OEM (Original Equipment Manaufacture) parts available
Motorola and iFixit—A Match Made in Mobile | iFixit

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I bought the replacement battery and took the phone and battery to a local phone repair business. I was told that the final four screws that needed to be unscrewed to remove the battery were stripped and that in order to get them out, they’d have to be forced in such a way that would risk cracking the LCD screen, so they couldn’t complete the battery replacement. (The battery was swollen, as many people report with their phones.)

Is it worth taking it to another repair shop or am I basically at a dead-end? In my current living situation, I really can’t afford to buy a new phone.

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