Beta discount on Huawei during six months

Is there any beta discount benefit during the six month free period? I’m guessing not, but thought I’d ask. I am a beta member, so I’m guessing I’ll be charged $20+tax/fees, less $2 beta discount, less $18 promo discount. Non-beta members will receive a $20 promo discount. Anyone know if I have that right? No big deal, just lose the benefit during the six months…

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That is an interesting question! I’m guessing you will get free service on the $20.00 plan and not get a $2.00 credit applied to your account each month for 6 months simply because a 10% discount on 0 is 0.

Beta discount of 10% of $0 is $0. I’d assume if you wanted to upgrade to the 2GB plan you would get a beta discount of $1.

Just throwing it out there but the “free” service does not cover taxes and fees right? If correct, wouldn’t beta discount effect that amount by !0%? Hence your actual bill of say $5 $2 of which is tax on the $20 monthly service would be $1.80 or something like that. Seems like you should get the discount before taxes are applied.

will be eligible to receive up to six (6 ) consecutive months of Republic Wireless’s unlimited talk and text plus 1GB of cellular data service plan free of charge (taxes and telecom charges not included)

Believe you’re referring to whether Beta members will be charged taxes on $20 or $18? I don’t see in the offer where RW defines the dollar value of a month of service.

My take is that if eligible phone is activated to replace a line eligible for a Beta discount the value of the free service would be $18 and taxes should be charged on that amount as I assume it is on my current 1GB 3.0 plan.

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