Beta discount related questions

I have two Galaxy S7 phones on Beta discount annual 1GB 4.0 plans that run out in June.

One of those phones has a GSM SIM and I’m thinking of keeping it on the Beta discount 1GB 4.0 plan beyond June (on monthly billing?) to delay the expense of one new phone.

The second S7 (my wife’s phone) has a CDMA SIM and seems to require a different option. Just upgrading it to a 5.0 plan and getting a GSM SIM will result in loss of wifi calling (the S7 is not 5.0 compatible) which is a deal breaker (zero cell coverage at home). I’m thinking of buying her a new compatible RW phone and porting her number to a new 5.0 one-line 1GB plan.

Will I then have one 4.0 account and one separate 5.0 account, each with its own plan, and will both be eligible for my Beta discount?

If later I buy a second new phone for me and put it on a 1GB 5.0 plan, can I switch both phones to a 2-line plan at that time? Will I still get the Beta discount on one phone and the 2-line discount on the second added phone?

That is correct. You will have two phones on different plans, each in its own account.

And, you will be able to switch the second line to the 5.0 plan at a later date and receive the 2-line discount then.

In that case, the first line will receive the beta discount. The second line will not, as it will already be discounted 50%. It will, though, still remain eligible for the beta discount should it later move to a 1-line plan. [Edited to add: See Southpaw’s follow-up about whether this line can go back to receiving the beta discount.]


I’m not entirely sure about this part of your answer. I think Republic always tries to do what’s right for the member, but we can’t make open-ended promises about discounts lasting forever. It’s possible that moving to the 50% discount replaces the Beta Member Discount, and that we would not be able to restore it at some point in the future.

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