Beta SIM Unboxing Experience

For the most part, I’m focusing on the technical aspects of the beta. That said, I would also like to mention the unboxing experience.

When FedEX dropped the package at my front door, I was perplexed by the size of the box as it seemed more than ample for a SIM kit. To my surprise, I found the beta SIM to be quite well packaged along with some very nice Republic swag. The cinch tote bag is most appreciated (as are the stickers).

I suspect most of us (myself included) are with Republic for the savings. Nevertheless, seemingly small things can go a long way toward making members (Republic likes to call customers members) feel appreciated. For me, that I feel appreciated is part of Republic’s value proposition. Price is a component of value but it’s not everything.

Folks have been known to post about their iPhone unboxing experience. Kudos to Republic for making the SIM unboxing experience worthy of posting about as well!

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