Better coverage with a different phone?

I have a Moto E (2nd Gen.) with spotty coverage in a very rural area. My Samsung phone on Verizon has slightly better coverage. If I upgrade my Moto E with RW, can I expect better coverage?

Republic has to network partners [it’s one or the other]
Your Moto E2 as a legacy phone uses the CDMA partner (Sprint)
The newer phones can use Republic’s GSM partner (T-Mobile) and most of them can also be put on the CDMA partner.
The current Moto E Republic selling is the Moto E5 Play which is a GSM only phone so your coverage will be Republic’s GSM coverage

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The basic answer is that’s highly unlikely. Republic doesn’t partner with Verizon and your phone is on Sprint who generally, although not always, has better rural coverage than Republic’s other partner.

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