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Moto Z play v1

I thought I asked this question before but I can’t find it. Apologies if it’s a duplicate

I’m looking for some sort of app that will filter phone calls based on whether or not I know them. I want to behave something like this:

  1. If the caller is in my address book, let the phone act as it normally. Voicemail acts normally with the given voicemail
  2. if the caller is not in my address book, redirect them to voicemail with a message so I can give them instructions on how to reach me…

I don’t need to have calls labeled as spam or anything like that because it’s still an interruption. I just don’t want to receive calls from people I don’t know.

Any suggestions?

Have you tried enabling Do Not Disturb with allow “Calls from contacts only” enabled?

While this article is geared toward Android 9, there are instructions toward the bottom for Android 6 through 8.

I knew about the do not disturb filter and rules. I use it for shutting down the phone at bedtime. It’s not quite enough control because I want blocked collars to get a special message like “I don’t recognize your number, send me a text message and tell me who you are.”

I was thinking a bit more about filtering notifications I realized I want to get notifications from different people in different messaging apps. I also want to send out an alert on content of message (i.e. any message starting with 911. More specifically, a 911 message from certain people like customers.).

Sounds like you need a commercial auto-attendant solution, or an assistant.

even the auto attendant solutions don’t work right. They can’t filter calls from signal and they won’t stop messages that bypass my “official” number and go directly to my phone.

But I do appreciate your feedback and I have to chalk this up to lack of understanding the user experience on the part of android developers.

I use “Call Blocker” . It can be found in the google play store.

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