BetterSIM? Cheap unlimited TMobile reseller?


Seen a Facbook ad for something called “BETTERSIM”. Interesting ad and claims. Say same as native postpaid service. Including roaming.

But looks gimmicky even a tad phisy to me. Especially their method of getting pricing to you and their “deals” or “Special Pricing”. After some brief searching…seems to be related to a company called “NetOnTheRun”. aka 35orless

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they are a reseller (and usually resellers are limited to resell to businesses) as a reseller they are a middle man who is providing T-Mobile services (which is why they get all the T-Mobile add in that MVNOs done always get

we seen a few of these resellers pop up give good deals to end customers (non-business) and have their deal with T-Mobile pulled


I’m not in the habit of doing business with companies that only publish an address that is a mail forwarder and is a reseller that is violating their resale terms. We’ve seen a lot of these pop up and disappear within a year, sometimes taking customer money with them.


They are now spamming my email i used on their site. 2 emails a day of adverts.
Glad i used my junk mail email address.

And yea, it make be a good deal cost wise…but feels quite risky and no doubt confusing to manage.

No thanks.


Always use a temporary email for something like that :wink: .

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