Big Savings Coming on Select Moto Phones!


Starting on February 19th, we’re dropping the price of select Motorola phones for a limited time.

  • **$50 Off the Moto Z Play
    **$399 from 2/19 through 3/11
  • **$50 Off the Moto G4 PLUS
    **$249 from 2/19 through 3/18
  • **$30 Off the Moto G4 32 GB
    **$199 from 2/26 through 3/18
  • **$20 Off the Moto G4 16 GB
    **$179 from 3/12 through 3/25
  • **$20 Off the Moto G4 PLAY
    **$129 from 3/12 through 3/18

More information, including the terms and conditions of these offers, can be found on our Go Moto Blog post here.

If you have any questions about these offers, please post them here.


Is Republic Wireless going to be adding BYOP support for the New Motorola Moto G5 Plus?


Hi @eugened.waxz89,

Given Republic’s historic relationship with Motorola, I would guess yes. Having said that Republic also historically doesn’t pre-announce support for announced but as yet unreleased phones, so this is speculation on my part.


When the Moto G5 phones are released, will the G4’s be discounted even more? Or will they not be available anymore?


Motorola has stated only the Moto G5 Plus is coming to the US (the Moto G4 Plus is already Permanently sold out)

Republic is not going to say if discounts will be larger that they are now (it would kill sales) when the phone is discontinued one may fine clearance sale but how know on what they will be or when they will be