Big time battery problem Moto X2


Bought my daughter’s Moto X2 used less than a year ago and she has continually struggled with the battery not lasting. She is specifically saying that she notices that the problem happens mostly when she tries using the camera. What happens is that the phone will go black and she has to power it back on even though the battery says it still has about 40% power. She is making it work by using battery packs and keeping it fully charged by trying to keep it plugged in whenever possible. If anyone knows of anything to do that could possibly trouble shoot this issue to see if it could be resolved it would make my life a lot happier and keep my phone expense from going up:-)


Take a look at this for some useful info

Common troubleshooting steps are

Clear Cache

Run in Safe Mode to see if it is a runaway app. You mentioned the Camera app…so make sure your camera app is up to date.

Last resort option is
Factory Reset

If your issue persists after a factory reset…it might just be an aging battery.


Hi @patriciag.oom1hn
Does your daughter turn the camera off after using it. I know it sounds like a stupid question but I have a niece and nephew you can tell 1000+ t o shut a light off when leaving a room and it will burn 8 hours till they get home. Then it still burn when they get home still.

( my brother put timer switches in that turn off after an hour. )


Yes, and a good question. She is real good about that.



Unfortunately, my guess would just be that the battery life has been depleted significantly from it’s original capacity. I bought a Moto X2 new just about 3 years ago and could never get the battery meter to measure correctly. When it was new, it wasn’t bad but over time, it would suddenly say it was shutting down even though the meter said there was 10 to 20% battery life remaining. Within the past several months, it got to the point where when the phone said it had around 40 to 50% battery life remaining, it would drop to 0% and shut down. I couldn’t take it any longer, so I purchased a new phone. I know, not the answer you want to hear to keep your phone expense from going up.

If you bought it used less than a year ago, the original owner likely had it for 2 years. If that person was a heavy user, the battery capacity could have been significantly reduced.

I do think that the camera on smartphones can chew through battery capacity quickly, especially if the camera setting is set to use HDR all the time which requires extra processing. So one thing you might try is turning HDR off if it isn’t already, but understand that may degrade the quality of the photos taken.

Outside of that, if you look online, you can find replacement batteries and YouTube videos showing you how to replace a battery on a Moto X2, but that can be dicey since you have to open up the phone. Or there are stores that offer battery replacement services, like Office Depot.

Good luck!


Yes, you described exactly what my daughter’s phone does. Thank you this really helps me to know that this is actually the problem and not something she is not handling correctly. It is very annoying for her and I get the constant negative feedback, yikes! The battery replacement is not really something I think is worth trying for us, so have a few alternatives in the works. Thanks again!!

Oh, and really apologize for the late response, between her hectic schedule and some health issues requiring doctor visits, ect. just so overwhelmed, which in this case makes phone issues a lesser priority.


Had many of those same issues at age 18-24 months in my Moto X2. I discovered that purchasing a new MotoX2 would not allow me to keep the same RW plan. I wanted to
keep my RW plan, so I had the battery replaced for about $50. (Repair company
guaranteed their repair for 90 days) I am very satisfied with my 2 yr old phone and
new battery.

If you wait too long, the battery goes out completely. It will not take any charge at all
and the phone will not work even if plugged into the charger.

That being said, while I was waiting for the battery to come in, I downloaded and used the new
Republic Anywhere to text from my computer. I also used my landline during that time.


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