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I am a 2.0 member and noticed there is a TM on my bill. Does that mean T-mobile? I thought I was on Sprint?

Hi @pamelas.24fcav,

All legacy Republic phones including yours remain on Sprint. Due to Republic’s contractual obligations to its’ GSM partner for new 3.0 phones, it isn’t allowed to name that GSM partner. I don’t know where you’re seeing the TM on your invoice (I’m unable to find it on mine) but it certainly doesn’t reference Republic’s GSM partner.

Might the TM follow the words “Republic Refund”? If so, I believe TM would be referencing trademark.

If you are referring to the TM next to the words “Republic Refund”…those denote that the phrase is a trademark

of Republic Wireless.

The underlying carrier for the 2.0 plans is in fact Sprint. There are no changes to this as a result of the launch of the 3.0 plans and phones.

Thanks! unfortunately my coverage acts more like T-Mobile. In places where the Sprint map shows coverage I have no bars at all. I have Moto G 3rd Gen and this has been a problem the whole time I have had it. Frustrating.

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