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My wife and I both have plans that are for a set amount a month. I have the $30/mo, 2 gig plan and she has the $20/mo, 1 gig plan. Our bill this month went up about a $1.50 compared to previous months, and when I looked at the bill, it didn’t seem like the increase was a chance in taxes, but in the base price of the plan. Why? What’s going on? Obviously, $1.50 doesn’t seem like that much but I want to make sure this isn’t part of a gradual increase that I’m not being told about. Thanks!



Hi @ThePilgrim1!

I definitely understand your concerns. Republic has not increased prices for your plans. It’s most likely taxes. They can be very hard to spot! You may want to take a look at your last couple billing statements closely to see which one(s) went up. You can find your bills here: Orders & Payments | Republic Wireless . To see your taxes, click the “Show taxes” icon/text. Let us know if you find it! I hope that helps!




If a longer term member you may have had a 10% Beta discount that was inadvertently dropped due to recent phone/plan changes. Opening a Support ticket should help you resolve issue or better understand the increase. In the past I have experienced my discount being dropped and then reinstated when Support was notified.



I’m not sure what the math would be that would cause a 10% discount on a $20 or $30 plan to be only $1.50, so I doubt that’s the issue.



one can get the detailed breakdown on their bill by going to the
Republic Website --> My Account --> Invoices (also called Orders and payments
click on a month to expand a to a summary then click the show taxes for full details
I would compare a old month to the current month that’s higher payment
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