Bill went up yet again. Congrats on your success Republic?

Republic customer for 4 ish years. I remember when the text and WiFi plan was $5 and then one day I decided to get a “better” phone and it became $15. Now every 3-6 months that monthly bill creeps up and most recent one is $19.59; almost $20 monthly plan.

Looking forward to next startup that lets me have a WiFi smartphone on the cheap.

The $15 plan is still $15. If you find your bill increasing, it must be due to increased taxes and fees. Contact your elected representatives.


Hi @paulc.fcxch8,

Welcome to our member Community and thank you for being a long-time member.

We haven’t changed our pricing since we last lowered our prices in 2017, and we still offer the $5 WiFi-only plan, however, that plan is limited to the phones on which it was originally offered.

Any slight changes in your monthly bill are the result of ever-changing federal, state, and local taxes and telecom fees. Your e-mailed monthly billing statement lists both the service charges and the taxes so that you can see how the total is computed.


There are an awful lot of people on Republic who want something for nothing. if you’re not happy with the surface and complaining about the price you are always afforded the option to go elsewhere. Unfortunately I don’t think you can find a better price or better service the Republic


I remember when I could get a free sandwich and chips with my beer at the local saloon but that’s only because I have a l-o-n-g memory. LOL!

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Don’t forget the free set of glasses or steak knives with a fill up at the local full service gas station. Back when it was ~32cents a gallon.


I’ve noticed that people who complain about price increases don’t seem to do that when they cost their employers more due to pay raises. :wink:

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I understand the concern here. If you’re told you’ll be billed $15 dollars and it comes out to $20, I’d have a reason to be worried. But it’s just tax/fees that we have to pay just about anywhere, and you can see the breakdown on your bill. Instead of blaming Republic, complain to the politicians as Republic can’t do a darn thing to change it. But again, I understand your concern, friend. Other companies like to hide random fees in your bill and have betrayed many customers’ trust. But what I like about RW is they are honest and straightforward with any questions you may have. Whereas you talk to Samsung (which isn’t a cell service provider, but I’ve recently had a poor experience with their customer service) about a problem with a device and they spit out scripted info that doesn’t even answer your question…
Okay I’m going to get off my soap box before I start getting into a random tangent. Long story short RW is one of the most honest companies I’ve ever been a customer of.


Are you kidding…Gee Whiz.

The price isn’t the issue, its the amount of data per month you get for the price. I feel Republic hasn’t kept up with the competition.


Incremental increases on cell phone bills should be expected. I offset that somewhat by paying the annual Republic chunk once per year and you don’t have to be a fat cat to afford that.

The good news is we are not being held hostage here with a suspicious contract full of holes the company could slither through. We are also choosing and staying with Republic for the level of service when we have a problem or question and that is a high level here and especially so when the way to communicate with the company is by keyboard or phone and is not the numbing experience of concentrating so hard to be fluent in Mumbai English over a dim voice connection. If that happens in the future I’m outta here. Comparing Republic’s overall value, in my opinion, is obviously far, far superior to any other cell telephone or cable company. When the forum crowd here can also help it’s a bonus. As comedian Richard Pryor used to say, "This is a NEIGHBORHOOD! This ain’t no “RESIDENTIAL DISTRICT!”.

I am a little anxious to see what happens with any merger/takeover/buyout simply because I once worked for a subsidiary of Enron. My trust with large corporations to do what they say is “wait and see”. If it all goes south and the party is over I will judge to what degree the fun has taken a dive and make a decision as to where I want my dollars, and trust, to go. Life is fluid. Like surviving a riptide current. When caught in one relax, go with the flow, surface, and swim across to another part of the beach.


It’s just frustrating when you don’t really don’t want to live a life tethered to a cell phone device, you pay for the phone, you pay for the monthly cell phone access account, and you pay the monthly wifi service too. And now it’s all so that companies can pitch products to you that you don’t want, publishers can stick their opinions on any matter in your face, criminals can scam you and still your id, and government can follow bits and pieces of everyone’s life as they please.

It is odd that we have to pay for this, but I guess that is better than being forced to carry these devices like a ball and chain.

This statement by someone who would much prefer to spend funds on a new drop spindle and a freshly shorn Gotland fleece then replacing a cell phone that has has so little battery life left and will also jumping services to higher monthly fee.

Hmmm :thinking:

I love :two_hearts: republic wireless.
I pay for 10 months and get 12. Thanks :+1:

I use youtube music and have downloaded playlists and maps too so I haven’t needed more than 1 gig in 8 years.

I super duper love :star_struck: my Pixel 4xl. It’s antenna and battery are amazing :+1: not to mention everything else I love about it.

I was with verizon in middle of 2013 when I switched.
I was paying at the time $7.87 a month per phone just in garbage fees. After the switch to republic wireless I was paying $1.24 per phone.:nerd_face:
I’ve saved so much money in 8 years switching to republic wireless that the money I saved invested is now paying for the $450 annual bill for 2 phones with 1 gig each. :face_with_monocle:

“After all, one can’t complain. I have my friends.” ~ Eeyore :horse:

Thanks again republic wireless for being affordable, helpful, creative and loyal to me.


Hi @connied.7o1pk8

It is not possible to pay for 1 GB and have it last for a whole year. Any cell data you purchase expires in that billing month.

What @JCHanania is referring to is the Annual Payment Option. This allows you to pay up front for 12 months of service. In return for doing this, Republic only charges you for service for 10 of the 12 months. You do still pay for 12 months or taxes and surcharges.

Once you are on the Annual Payment Option, you can add cell data for a month but you can’t make other changes for that year. Also, if you decide to leave, it’s nonrefundable. This option is available to lines on the My Choice plan.

You can read more about this at the following link:

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