Billing issue why was I charged

I am on the annual plan no automatic data … I buy it on months I want to … but I was billed 21.80 … notations said … monthly billing … this looks like a mistake how/ who do I talk with how do I find out what this is and how to refund and stop unexpected billing?

All billing issues are handled by a prime time 8-5 M-F Team at Republic Wireless that would help you, but you need to: Open a Ticket to get the ball rolling

Hi @markr.pycw3s,

I’ve reviewed your account and all billing looks correct. We can’t discuss details with you here in Community, since this is a publicly-visible forum, but our Help Team will be glad to go over the billing with you. Let me know if you’re unable to open a Help Ticket.

Please be sure the e-mail address you have associated with your Republic Wireless account is able to receive e-mail from us, as there were several e-mails sent recently with information that it seems you didn’t see.

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