Billing of same two plans with different amounts?

My wife and i have the same plan…why are our bills different?

Can you tell us a little more? When you go to what does it say for “My Plan” next to each phone?

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Our members are not able to look at your account to answer account-specific questions. They can guide you to look at and compare your invoices, as @louisdi has begun to do, but if you are looking for a definitive answer from staff, you’ll need to open a help ticket.

Please note, though, that due to strict privacy laws, our staff can only discuss account information with the account owner. So if you and your wife are not on the same account, our staff will not be able to talk to you about her account.


My wife and I have same plan…she pays $21.70 per month with taxes an I pay $24.03. How can two exact plans have two different charges?


Hi @jamesm.rhqo8s

We on the Community board can’t answer that. But @southpaw has some instructions to get your answer:

Hi @jamesm.rhqo8s,

Possibly she receives a 10% Beta discount which might account for close to $2 difference?


Hi @jamesm.rhqo8s,

Please note that although you are reading the responses to your questions about your and your wife’s Republic billing amounts in your E-mail and responding to them by E-mail, the conversation is taking place publicly, in our online member community.

What is a Beta discount?

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