Billing question: Credit card compromised, won't get new one for 14 days



I had to tear up my credit card due to a security breach & won’t get a new one until around the time my bill is due. It’s usually automatically paid by that credit card. I don’t have another card to change to in the meantime.

What will happen if I can’t update the credit card in time for it to be billed?

This is REALLY making me wish there was an option to speak to a BILLING department!!! Why aren’t there any humans to answer questions like this??? Very frustrated!!!


In the short term, nothing will happen.

The system will attempt to take the payment a couple of times before determining that it has failed. You should then get an email letting your know that there was a problem with your payment. If the unpaid period goes on for a while, you’ll get an email advising you that the service will be suspended if payment isn’t made by a certain date (given your timeframe, it’s unlikely you will reach this point).

Once you have the new credit card, go ahead and update your payment info in your account:

That will then trigger the system to take the payment again and clear any overdue balance.

(FYI - There are always humans available to answer these kinds of questions! You can either post here, as you have, or open a ticket with support staff, or initiate a live chat with staff, or submit a question to the member chat: How to Get Help from Republic Wireless – Republic Help)


Thanks, Andreas! I didn’t see a way to open a ticket with support staff.


We have people ready to help you. Our billing department works from 9-5 M-F. We just need you to open a ticket it is very easy to do just go to Tickets | Republic Wireless and click on “Create a Ticket” Answer any questions the wizard asks and you will be golden. I ask this because I see a post in the forum and no ticket to let our support begin to help.

When is your next bill due? If the bill is due a few days before you get your new card, then I would not worry. We do not shut you off immediately. Also when banks quote 14 days until you receive your card, they are usually very conservative. Just make sure to update your account with the new card as soon as you get it.


In your portal there is a Help Tickets option. It is one of the main 4 options. You can open a ticket here and view/comment on current and past tickets


I see you reference in your topic title a 14-day wait for a replacement card. In this age of overnight delivery, I find that timeframe surprising, however, you may be interested in alternative means of payment. Details here:

In particular, I’ve become a fan of Once set up, one need not worry about waiting for a replacement card ever again for the future. If needed, you’d simply create the replacement card yourself online.


Just want to add some banks can issue a replacement card in a branch office (same day)
also some banks will allow a know upcoming charge to go though even on security breach cards


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