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Since you folks do not support iPhones I was told, I just received my new iPhone13 Pro and am trying to transfer my phone number to it. After 3 hrs of “downloading” connection, I inquired Spectrum, my new provider of how to proceed. After some analysis, they said that my acct numbers (my Republic phone number & my pin) are correct, but that the transfer will take 5 business days (!), ie Oct 26, 2pm If this is so, my new billing at Republic occurs in 3 days, and I do not want to be billed for the next month because of your slow processing.

Hi @toomasr,

Candidly, the slow processing is on Spectrum’s end rather than Republic’s Details on that are linked here:

That said, if you open a ticket with Republic, I’m confident they’ll work with you on the billing situation.

Edited to Add:

You posted your “billing inquiry” in Republic’s online Community forums. Most of us answering here (myself included) are fellow Republic members (Republic likes to call customers members).

I just checked with Spectrum, after one of your “advisors” said it was Spectrum’s problem. Spectrum assured me that it was not. I actually watched as my acct number and pin was accepted by Republic, and then it “downloaded” for 3+ hours without completion. That’s when Spectrum somehow found, from the Republic info data base, that the acct information was accepted and that the transfer should be completed by Oct 26 2pm. That’s a week!
Please resolve this delay, and not charge me an extra month of fees.

Hi @toomasr,

The gaining carrier sets the Firm Order Commitment date. Republic simply accepts the date requested. There is nothing our Community or our Help Team can do to expedite the transfer.

It sounds like you may not have opened that Help Ticket yet, as @rolandh suggested. I’ll check on that and open one in your behalf if you have not yet done so, so we can take care of the billing request.

Hi @toomasr,

I found your ticket and I have taken care of the billing request and have made a note for our Help Team so they can follow up with you. Our Help Team will be sending you a reply in your ticket. They work tickets according to the priority of the issue, so I can’t say how quickly they’ll be in touch, but I would expect you to hear something by noon tomorrow.

I opened up a ticket with the title Billing Question on Number Transfer.
After the Rolandth email above, I called Spectrum and they assured me that it was NOT Spectrum’s problem. In fact, as I watched, he again submitted the request directly to Republic. Republic accepted the acct number (my Republic phone number) and my pin number, and then proceeded to “download” for the next 2+ hours without accomplishing anything. Somehow, Specter’s tech then obtained from Republic’s database (?) that the request was accepted but that the expected transfer will occur on Oct 26, 2pm. That’s 1 week!!!

Since my next monthly bill is on autopay, due in 2 or 3 days, I do not want to be billed for the next month because of this delay.
Thank you Southpaw,

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