Billing Question

  1. Recently my account has been acting weird and changes have been made without my consent. In my account, I have 3 phone I am responsible for. In one of the accounts, there was a change made in the plans which my mother and I did not make. The changes have boost up my monthly bills which I did not budget for, this month the bill was $ 97.11. My budgeted plan was, as usual, $89.62.

  2. Also, I have been charged an extra $15.00 I don’t understand why am I paying that expense.

  3. I don’t have service outside of wifi, I am not able to send or receive text, make or receive phonecalls.

The past bills

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The Community can’t help with billing issues because we don’t have access to your account information. Line items should be displayed in the orders, payments & returns section of your account. That is where you should find what the $15.00 charge was for.

By the way, your hollow arc status (in the screenshot your provided) and the X over your cell bar display indicates you do not have a working connection to WiFi or cell possibly explaining the other issues you mentioned.


you may want to edit the last image as i has the Phone number in it


I would click that “Dispute Charge” button in your account and go from there. I’ll second both billg and drm’s points; you don’t appear to have WiFi even turned on in the screenshot and you should, for your own sake, erase all personal identity references in forum posts.


Hi @mackendyb,

Please open a ticket and let billing take a look at your account. They’ll be glad to look at it, and if any charges were applied in error, they will issue the appropriate credits.

Our billing team works regular business hours, Monday-Friday, so you might not get a response before Monday, but they will give it their full attention.

@ndhr3d, in this case disputing the charge through the credit card company would result in a far slower process. It might provide the same end-result, but would take a far longer amount of time.


@southpaw@rw - Thanks for the clarification, I wasn’t aware that it directed you to the credit card company and not to RW staff, that’s certainly helpful to know!