Bittersweet Goodbye


Well, I’ve ordered 2 Samsung Galaxy J3 phones for my daughter and myself. They were only $50 each, and I’ve found a plan for $60 a month that gives us 15g to share.

I really am so sad that I can’t stay with rw since I have been a loyal customer since the beta days. I have really felt good knowing I had a phone plan that didn’t cost a fortune. Although, I see no better alternative. The phones that rw offers are nice, but not competitive enough with other sources. I also cannot justify leaving my old $25 unlimited plans and staying with any rw plans compared to $60 shared 15g a month, with possible better service coverage.

So I will be saying goodbye shortly when my phones are ready for pickup. I haven’t been extremely involved in community other than asking questions for help, but I have definitely loved the people here who take their time to work together helping each other.

Thanks to all, and I will always keep an eye out for any changes in hopes of coming back home😊


So after double checking just now; I am getting 2 phones for the price of one phone here at rw, and 13g more for the $30 plan, and I don’t have to worry about keeping track of usage. I know 15g will be plenty. I really am shocked that there is something else out there so much better than rw, wow😐


Hi @patriciag.oom1hn!

Sorry to see you go! However, I am glad you found something that meets your needs. The more GB’s of data you use on Republic, the less competitive it is. Republic is not for heavy data users (I am not saying you are :wink: ). I hope that someday you will consider Republic again!



Hi @patriciag.oom1hn,

Thank you for the time you spent with us, for turning to Community when you had a question, and for your kind words as you’re departing.

Please do keep an eye on us, and we hope we will see you “come back home” again.



Wow you have been member for a long time.

Does the plan you found also allow use as a hotspot and include unlimited throttled data if you should exceed the 15GB? RW does normally allow tethering and they initiated a test of throttled “basic data” recently, Curious about what folks are looking for when looking at other plans.

You’ve been with the best, now going with one of the rest. Keep in touch to let us know if you like them as much.

Wish the best for you.


You all make it difficult to switch with your kind words! My daughter and I are not huge data users. Quite the opposite. I actually monitor my daughter’s phone use closely. The switch is only based on best value. I really do not want to worry about not having enough data to use. Trying to upgrade to a newer phone means losing the older better plans in my opinion.

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Trust me @patriciag.oom1hn, you have been around awhile, with great questions and participation!.

As you probably know, we do not discourage doing what is best in any given situation. Hope you come around now and then and tell us the pro/con.



I am sure I definitely will share my experience and how it goes. Who knows, if things don’t go well, it may work out for us to return as the Samsung phones might be able to be used with RW.

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