Bizarre website behavior on Moto e5 Play

What phone do you have?
Moto e5 Play
What plan are you on?
My Choice + 1 GB
Does your plan include data, or just talk & text?

Issue Description

When I visit websites on my phone … I don’t know how to describe it … the screen goes nuts! It looks like it’s taking one blip on the screen and multiplying it. See attached screenshot. It tends to resolve if I turn my screen off and back on again. It also doesn’t happen every time. For example, it’s not happening when I try to do it now (of course). Any ideas?

Hi @jillu,

Wow that is strange! :thinking:
I have a few questions that might help the Community help you…

What browser are you using on the phone?
Does this happen with a different browser?
Does this happen only while using the browser, or does it happen with other apps as well?
Did this just start happening?
Was there any apps that might have been installed when this issue started?


Good questions! My default browser is Chrome. I can try surfing around Firefox to see what happens.
It’s never happened in my Gmail app, or Maps, or Chinook Book, or any other apps that I can recall. I only recall it happening when scrolling through websites.
This started a couple months ago. I can see if I installed any apps around that time.


Hello - I just switched my default browser to Firefox, and I’m not having the weird screen freak-outs I was having with Chrome. Maybe next I’ll try uninstalling and reinstalling Chrome?


I take that back. It’s happening with Firefox now, too. Any ideas?

Does this happen on WiFi or cell?

If over WiFi, does it happen on one network or more than one?

I think what you’re seeing is not uncommon with budget phones with not terrific graphics processors and limited RAM. I see it on some of my older phones and tablets from time-to-time. You may try swiping away some of the other apps running in the background to help the phone out a bit.

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