Black screen, occasional green light, button combo doesn't work

My Moto x 2nd gen won’t turn on. It was plugged in yesterday and a software update was being installed. It flashed something quickly on the screen twice and then went black. I can’t get it to turn on! The screen is black and every once in a while it will have the flashing green light at the top. It is plugged into the wall charger it came with and has charged for 16 hours. I’ve tried holding the volume down/power button, volume up/power button, and just the power button and get nothing. I don’t see anything on the screen at all- no recovery mode, battery indicator, just the black screen. Can anyone help me? Thanks!

If you unplug the charger, wait 10 seconds, and plug the charger back in does it display the charge level for a few seconds? If it doesn’t, you might have a bad charger, cable or charging port. Do you see the charge level and is it at 10% or more?

Updates shouldn’t be installed with a charge level of less than 50% because if the phone shuts down down during an update it can damage the phone. Could this be what happened?

There is a good troubleshooter here:

Motorola Support - Find Answers | Motorola Mobility, Inc.

When I tried that, nothing happened. Still black and the green light flashed about 10 times. It was at 100% charge when the update started and was plugged in. It said it would take 20 minutes to update and I left it plugged in for 2 hours after that. Thanks for the link, I am trying things on there to see if that helps.

Hi @sarahc.clqupw

I think you may have a bad charger.

Here are some related links…

Green Blinking Light on Top of Moto X 2nd Gen – Phone Won’t Charge “As programmed by Motorola, we are only supposed to see this alien-like green LED come on when the device is so extremely low on battery that it can’t even power up the screen to show you the “low battery” symbol.”

“As it turns out, the Moto X already had a green LED light underneath the ear piece, which the phone only uses for those times when your battery is so low that there isn’t enough power to turn on the screen to inform you that the phone is charging.”

Do you have another charger you can use?.

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