Black screen when phone rings


When my phone rings, the screen is black.


Are you bragging, or asking for help?

No, really, it doesn’t sound like a feature. So, I will guess it’s a problem. Which phone do you have? Are you able to answer any calls? Are you able to make calls? Have you rebooted the phone or tried booting the phone into Safe mode?


Well, I’m certainly not bragging. To be honest, the screen is either black or filled up with ads. By the time I’m able to answer the phone, the call is gone. I’ve actually only received about 6 calls since I bought it a week ago. Btw, I have a Moto g5 plus.


Tha’s a great phone. So, has the phone done the black-screen thing since you first got it? Or, did it just start doing this? Have you installed any apps?

Booting into Safe mode will help determine if this problem is cause by a rogue app. If the problem doesn’t occur in Safe mode, the problem is most certainly a rogue app.

If you suspect the problem might be caused by an app you have recently installed, just uninstall the app and reboot the phone.


I think I finally figured out the problem. I did reboot it and that solved the problem!


I’m guessing that something was wacky with the proximity sensor. During a call, it disables the display so that your ear or face does not inadvertently press something. Glad to hear that a reboot fixed it.


Hi @mvaljeanwright,

Do you have the Amazon Prime version of the phone?

If the screen is filling with ads, there may be an app on the phone causing the problem, or a website you’ve visited that continued to display ads through your browser. Rebooting may have solved the problem only until the next time you use that app or browser.

If the problem returns, please think about any apps you’ve added to the phone, and we’ll be glad to help you try to identify the cause.


Hi, I don’t have Amazon Prime version of the phone. My phone is new and I believe what has happened is when I’ve added my programs such as a version of messaging, the newer versions may have ads. I’ve changed and made sure I got a program with no ads. Right now it seems to have worked. Hopefully! Thanks for the suggestions.


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