Blackberry Phone model # K2

I apologize for not keeping up with post on this forum . There has been so much malware problems here that I just don’t where to start. The currant phone I am looking at is a blackberry K 2. After looking at the currant G 5 service area map , I don’t think it will matter what phone or provider I chose , I still won’t get very good service from any provider. Agin I apologize for not staying in the loop.

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What are you referring to…“Malware problems”?
There is no malware or any such issues here on the Republic Community Forums.
If you computer or phone is infected with something, it would not have come from here.

Are you asking a question or have an issue?

Your title mentions a Blackberry phone. Please note that Blackberry phones are not supported on Republic Wireless, only certain Android phones. Phone models supported and an additional article on finding a compatible unlocked Android phones are below:

Many of the current My Choice Plan phone models support both of R.W’s partner carriers, GSM(Tmobile) or CDMA(Sprint).
If you post your zip code, we can verify what coverage is best for you and recommend a supported phone to you.

While indeed not supported on Republic, the Blackberry K2 and other newer Blackberries do run Android.

I didn’t realize that BlackBery still even existed in some fashion. I haven’t seen them in any USA carrier stores or anyone who uses them in several years. Same with Palm and Windows Phone. Seems B.B just switched to Android instead of some proprietary OS.

Their current Android powered devices are very rare phones in the market. Republic currently does not yet seem to support the more popular requested odd brand name phones like One Plus or Honor, then there is very little to no chance that R.W. would consider supporting Blackberry devices. There is no foreseeable market demand for them. But I am certainly curious as to what would draw someone to BlackBery in todays market.

5 to be exact. None are supported on Republic but all run Android:

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Hi @ronaldc.4ie7t0,

Thanks for your interest in Republic Wireless and for researching your next phone so carefully! As some of our members have explained. Republic doesn’t support the Blackberry K2. Are there specific features about it that interest you? Maybe our Community could consider the features that interest you the most, and from that recommend a phone we do support.

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@southpaw Thanks for getting us back on topic here. As to the original question, while Blackberry does not work with Republic, if your primary concern is security, you may want to evaluate the Google Pixel line of phones as they get Google security updates before any other phone including Blackberry’s products.

I was also thinking of getting a K2 when it releases to replace my Moto X 2nd gen as the battery doesn’t hold a charge past a few hours anymore when idle.

The reason I’d like a K2, or even a K1 for that matter, is because I’ve always preferred having an actual keyboard as opposed to a touchscreen. As far as I can see, none of the RW supported phones have actual keys, but please let me know if I missed it.


You haven’t missed anything. Key features of current phone supported by Republic may be compared in the excellent resource created and maintained by fellow Community members here: Detailed Supported Phone Features.

The S8 has a keyboard available, but doesnt light up or feel quite the same as my bb 8310. I too was frustrated by the lack of physical keyboards.

After writing essays in high school before class with them, i had achieved speed and accuracy not comparable to todays software keyboards. And dont care for the long netflix/youtube obsessed screen direction phones are going either (so dont mind losing some of s8,it has plenty of pixels to spare). Also current android sw keyboard sucks for CLI tools if youre into mobile programming at all.

Have had some strange keystroke issues as well but these are fixed by removing and replacing the keyboard. Would buy again, but really wish RW would support just one physical keyboard option (try typing under a table without tactile feedback!) Like they key 2 especially when the s8 fades away to the s9.


I too would like a physical keyboard. I filled out the RW survey concerning phones we’d like to see supported. Crossing fingers…

Meanwhile, I’m going to need a phone sooner rather than later. My Moto X is crashing and android has been updating apps on a whim–and in doing so using up half of a full battery charge, while I’m away from a charger of course, and there’s no way to interrupt the updating. Reviews of blackberry key 2 state bloatware is minimal…very attractive given all of this android updating apps activity I’ve had to endure.

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You can disable the auto-update function in the Google Play Store if you would like. Regardless if you get a new phone or not, apps are constantly being updated to improve performance, add new features, and to patch bugs:

  1. Open the Google Play Store
  2. Tap the hamburger menu in the top left corner
  3. Tap settings
  4. Tap auto-update apps
  5. Tap “Do not auto-update apps.”

I would also recommend restarting your phone once in a while and clearing the system cache:

Lastly, is there a particular app that is crashing? It could be part of your battery problem also.

I also have other performance tips as well (I own an old 1st Gen Moto G) that you can try if you want.

Thanks so much for the tips.

I need to correct a previous statement. It’s not updating that’s eating my battery, it’s initializing that eats up the battery*.*

As you are probably aware, when the battery gets very low the phone will turn itself off. Then, when I either plug-in and or have charged the battery and turn on the phone, Android does this thing called 'initializing apps".

This will take 35-45 minutes, and eats at least 30% of my battery. There’s no way to interrupt this process so that I can actually use it. I once tried turning off the phone during the process…and when I turned it back on the phone re-started the initialization process at the beginning.

I googled this behavior, and according to my searches, it’s an Android thing, not necessarily specific to a specific phone/model.

This is incredibly frustrating, enough that I’m considering a non-Android phone.

This is an unfortunate feature of the older Motorola phones. You can prevent it from happening by doing one of two things when the phone is off while charging:

  1. Let the phone charge until it reaches a decent battery level (above 30%) and unplug the phone from the charger. Then turn it on. It should turn on normally without optimizing the apps. Then plug the phone back in.

Note: you can view the battery level by tapping (don’t hold) the power button when the phone is off and plugged in to the charger.

  1. Turn it on by holding the power button for only 2 seconds and let go immediately. If you hold the power button too long while charging, it will start the optimizing process. You should actually see the phone get brighter after 2 seconds to let you know to release the power button. The screen will go dark for 10+ seconds but then it will come back on with the normal bootup process.

Personally, I usually go with step 1: unplug, turn it on, replug.



That reply was very helpful about how to change the auto update settings.

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