Blank Screen on Moto Z Play - How do I get IMEI number?


My phone was working perfectly fine on SAturday even after tumbling a couple times while at the museum with the kids. Saturday night apparently it fell off the arm of the couch onto the rug and must’ve hit just right that the screen went black. There’s little intermittent flashes of small lines across the top of the screen and the phone still works. I can shake for the flashlight, use the fingerprint pad, even hear it, but I can’t see anything.

I’ve switched to my old Moto X for the time being but when I called Motorola support, they asked for the IMEI number. I’m sure the box is long gone from the move.

Is there a way to look up the number? I think it might still be under warranty. I was using it up until Saturday night, so perhaps it’s still in my record somewhere?

Or is it easy enough to buy a kit and replace the screen? I’ve tried restarting it and the same thing happens.


Hi @tonyvogl,

Sorry to hear about the phone!

With a non-functioning screen and no box, I’m afraid there’s no self-help means of obtaining the IMEI. Had you looked here when signed into your account before deactivating it in favor of the Moto X, the IMEI would have been displayed as the Device ID. Alas, that information is no longer displayed once a phone is cancelled. I checked my own account to verify.

I suggest raising a help ticket to see if staff can provide the needed information. You may do so here: Help Ticket | Republic Wireless.


darn. I was trying to see if I could use Vysor to mirror my phone on my computer but that’s not working either.

Appreciate the help. Will submit a ticket.


moto support would likely have already asked you for this, but is there any chance you setup the “My Stuff” feature on the moto website? (

this happens automatically when you sign in to the ‘motorola account’ on the phone (which is, as i recall, optional) - if so, then the IMEI will be recorded there already :slight_smile:

otherwise there is another longshot: you wouldn’t have possibly used ADB in the past, would you? that’s a feature of android phone to let you connect to them from a PC via USB and to issue commands to the underlying operating system.

if you never used ADB then this won’t help as you need to tap stuff on the screen to turn the feature on… but if you recall using it then there might be a way to get at the IMEI via ADB:



Nice to know @bitflung. I suggest everyone register with Motorola with the “My Stuff” anyways. Better safe than sorry to have the info or just copy it to a file while the screen works and you will always have it.


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