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I have the old republic refund plan. am i using up my monthly cell data when the video is just armed until video is uploaded to the cloud when motion is detected?




Hi @enidh,

I think our Community would need some more details before they can answer this question for you.

Can you tell us more about your setup? Are you using the phone itself as a security camera, or to provide the internet access for the camera to use?

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i have a “sync module” plugged into an ac outlet near my router and the 2 wireless cameras work off of that. my upload speed is slow, about 1.30mbps in the country here. the strength of my signal shows in the app consistently like my cell phone does.

when motion is detected, the videos are uploaded to the cloud to view from the app.

when i’m just monitoring the space where the camera is directed at, nothing is downloaded to view. i can refresh it at anytime in the app and it shows the current view, for example, when it gets dark i have to refresh it.

i can also view live w/o uploading a video to keep an eye on in the area, for example my cats moving around. until they walk in front of the camera, nothing is uploaded.

i hope this helps. here is the website of the blink system i have if you want more info.

thank you!



So the cameras are not using your RW cell data. You’re wondering how much data you’re using when you view the feed, especially if it’s just black.

I think the best way to be sure would be to open the Republic app on your phone, and see what it reports as far as how much data is being used by the app. Instructions are in the “Cell data usage” section, here:

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I have motion detecting video cameras too. I turn mine off when I’m home, on when I’m away. Mine can be turned on and off remotely from my phone. Can yours?



i haven’t tried it away from home yet. my guess is yes, i can turn it off. living in the country, i’d ideally want to monitor 24/7 especially at night.



I live in the country too. My cat died a while back so I leave my indoor cameras on when I’m away. I did have a motion detected issue in my workshop when a wall-mounted heater turned on. Who would have thought they could detect moving air? I had to re position a camera in my living room that, through the living room window, could see cars going buy on a highway about 300 yards away. I only turn my outdoor camera on to see if my neighbor has blown the snow from my driveway when I’m away. Otherwise the wildlife drives me crazy.

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i don’t use a lot of data before these cameras, so i never worried about the #'s. my phone says 873mb since nov 25, w/ the majority in the last few days when i turned the system on.

i’m a novice w/ smart phones, so as clarification to make sure i understand your comment, you think my cameras being active or watching live video is NOT using my rw data? only videos uploaded do? each video can be adjusted between 5-30 seconds long.

in the past i noticed when i had the facebook messinger app on my phone, it used more data which made me wonder about the camera.

thank you!

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Your cameras don’t use cell data unless you choose to view the video from your phone while not on wifi. According to Blink’s website their video consumes 750KB per 5 seconds of video.





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