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How do I block hidden or private number. Everytime a private number call came in, my phone just kept ringing for hours if I don’t touch it. I cannot receive the private call. I swipe to answer and it would not work. It kept rining. The only action that works is to end the call.

I even installed the phone block apps “Should I answer” and other phone block apps. None of them can block private call. How do I block private call? I have a Samsung J3 phone.


I don’t have a Samsung J3 but found this

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To access the phone app, tap the Phone icon from the home screen. …
To block calls, from the phone app, tap MORE.
Tap Settings.
Tap Call blocking.
Tap Block list.
To turn block or unblock unknown numbers from calling, tap the Block anonymous calls toggle on or off.


I have tried this setting from the phone device before but still not
working. Can carrier block private numbers or hidden numbers? If possible,
I would like to block all private numbers or hidden numbers calling to my
cell phones.


Hi @jonathanh.ddjrjf,

You’re quite correct that Samsung’s built-in call blocking features on the J3 do not work with Republic’s blended WiFi/cell service. There’s one app that I’m aware of that does have the ability to block private numbers:

I’m afraid Republic lacks the ability to block private or other calls to your phone(s).


I will try this phone block app. I have tried a few popular ones but not
this one yet.


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