Block text on my moto x


can you help me block text on my moto x i have installed republic anyware but still dont have the option to block.


You didn’t mention the generation of your Moto X. The blocking feature is not present in the older “Legacy” phones Moto X1, X2, G2, G3, E1 and E2. Anywhere app utilizes the feature that is native and built in with Android OS 7 and above.

Texting blocking apps do not work with these older phones, but here are some suggestions that might help:


I have android 5.1 and i can’t block have the republic app


I’m sorry, the Republic Wireless app does not have the feature because Android 5.1 does not have the feature built in. The app only uses the built in feature of Android 7 and above, it doesn’t have the ability to block texts within itself.


Ok thanks i will continue to ignore until I upgrade phone


Both Republic Anywhere and Android Messages have a block a number once you receive a text from that number (works on all android levels)
Open Anywhere [or Messages] and go to the thread, tap the :dots: icon and select people and options and there will be a block option.

edit to add the blocking feature of the 3.0 Republic app is for call blocking and not text blocking


I have an older phone so not an option


I have done this on the older Legacy phones (a Moto X 1st and a Moto X 2nd)
Only the Beta phone (Motorola Defy) does not have this option


I have tried with republic anywhere and default message don’t have a people opinion


you must be in the thread you want to block
the “People and options” is the first option in the :dots: menu located in the upper right of the phone screen when in the discussion you want blocked

: : :

edit to add screenshots


I tried outside the conversation but no luck thanks for your help must need to upgrade my phone


Seems like the republic app did not have that feature. Android messaging did thanks for your help.


The Republic Wireless app does not. Like Android Messaging, Republic Anywhere (separate app) does.


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