Block texts on a Moto E4?

I am getting advertising texts that I don’t want on my Moto G4. I couldn’t find the answer in a search here. How can I block these texts?

Oops, sorry about that. The phone is a Moto E4! not a Moto G4.

first turn off notification for the thread(s)
(or making the tread silent)
to do this the contact needs to be made unblocked in Messages by google,
open the thread and tap the 3 vertical dot :dots:
go to details and then Notifications.
here you can turn off the notification, set priority, change sound (to silent)

then block (hide) the thread
in Messages by Google one can block a sender option (really just archives it but you never see it)

open up the message thread from the contact you want to block
tap the 3 vertical dot menu in the upper right
tap People & options
there will be a block option (with the number being block listed)

Thanks drm186!
It looks like that will do the trick! Although I didn’t see a “people and options” choice under the three dots, I did have an option to “block and report spam” which appears it will work. Thanks again!


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