Blocked Caller Voicemails Not Received


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Moto G5 Plus (CDMA Sprint)

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My Choice + 1 GB

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Plan includes data

My issue is related to call blocking using the native phone app. I understand that, when I block a number, I will no longer receive texts from the blocked number and that all calls from that number will be sent to voicemail. The issue is that I am not receiving notifications when blocked callers leave a voicemail and cannot listen to messages left, even if I call voicemail manually. It’s as if voicemail that blocked callers leave never existed.

I accidentally blocked a colleague a few weeks ago and just realized this afternoon. During this time, my colleague tells me they texted several times - I understand why I did not get the texts. But they also left several voicemails…I received no visual voicemail notification and, when I manually called the voicemail number, there were no messages waiting for me. When I unblocked my colleague, voicemail function returned to normal. I then experimented by blocking my work number on my phone and experienced the same issue. Calls from this number went straight to voicemail and I left a message…however, I was never notified of the message and it is not there when I manually call the voicemail number.

One important setting to note: Under “Configure spam cal blocking” in the Republic app, I have selected “Don’t block calls.”

Is this expected behavior now when blocking using the native app? Can anyone else replicate this? I don’t want to open a ticket if this is how call blocking is supposed to work now.

As always, thanks to the community for your time.



@ryand.wsr2ce It appears that the community doesn’t have any suggestions on this issue. If you haven’t already I suggest that you open a ticket with the support team so they can work with you to try to figure this out.

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