Blocked numbers go to voicemail

I get annoying robo calls, and they leave me recorded messages on my voicemail. I went to block a number for such a call this morning, and the number was already on my block list, but they still left me a voicemail? I want the calls BLOCKED, not sent to voicemail!

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Same thing is happening to me.

Hi @robertc.ej479v and @lorettai,

Please see this help article for steps to block spam calls and voicemail:

This is the way call blocking works. The article provided below will help you set-up the network based call blocking, but for those calls that get through there and then hit your personal block list, they will go to voicemail. You can thank Google for this as they do not allow apps to block calls (by picking up and hanging up on them) but rather only allow them to be diverted to voicemail.

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