Blocked out of Twitter - will leave RW if this can't be fixed

I see someone posted about this in 2017: Twitter not accepting RW numbers. I never had this problem with RW or Twitter, until I got a new phone this year in 2020. Now I’ve been blocked out of my Twitter account twice: both times Twitter wanted me verify via text message but it would say “Due to a technical issue, we couldn’t complete this request. Please try again.” I’d keep trying until I got locked out.

Just now Twitter asked me to verify by getting a phone call. Then I got the message: “Sorry, this carrier is currently not supported.”

I’ve been trying to figure out why my Twitter account keeps getting locked out and now I finally realize it’s because of something with Republic Wireless.

I have a Samsung Galaxy A50 - Black, 64 GB. Color probably not important but there you go. How can I solve this problem? Twitter does not reply to my emails. If I order another phone will that fix the problem? I see references to Republic Anywhere. I don’t think I have that installed.

I use Twitter for work. Please let me know ASAP so I won’t get my account suspended for a third time this year. I will leave Republic Wireless if that’s the only way to solve this problem after being a loyal customer for nearly 8 years. Not trying to be harsh, that’s just the reality: Twitter is important to me and this has been very frustrating.

Thank you.

Hi @elig.excm62,

Republic Wireless has nothing whatsoever to do with your Twitter account getting locked. Only Twitter would be able to explain that, and I’m sorry to say, I see you’re getting the lousy support Twitter is famous for on that (failure to respond to emails).

Twitter’s issue with your Republic number, by its own admission, is that it (Twitter) doesn’t support your carrier (Republic). Twitter doesn’t like Republic numbers because they are Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP). With a single exception, Twitter doesn’t like any VoIP numbers. That single exception is Google Voice. If you have or obtain a Google Voice number, Twitter will send a text message to that number.

I stay as far away from Twitter (and most other “social media”) as possible but to each their own.

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If it’s simply that Twitter doesn’t like phones using VoIP then why didn’t I have this problem before with Twitter? I’ve had Republic since 2013, I see this has been an issue since 2017. But I didn’t have a problem until I got a new phone in February 2020. Again, it’s a Samsung Galaxy A50.

The Motorola phones I had before didn’t have this issue. I’ve seen people mention 3.0 or Anywhere or something but I don’t think any of those changed from this phone to my last phone.

Perhaps Twitter like many others have now instantiated a change thinking it increases user security to not allow wireline classified numbers. It has nothing to do with any of the phones or Anywhere.

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Companies change policies from time to time at their discretion. That said, I would have expected you to be impacted before now if using multi-factor authentication with or otherwise locked out of your Twitter account.

Nevertheless, these “Sorry, this carrier is currently not supported” are Twitter’s words, correct? Then, logic suggests it ought to be Twitter that provides the explanation. I fully appreciate Twitter support is being unresponsive for which, sadly, they are well known.

I’ve made the Google Voice suggestion to others and it’s worked for them.

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