Blocking all international calls

Is there anyway to block all international calls? It doesn’t do any good to block individual calls because the spammers keep changing the source number. Since most international spam calls have more than 10 numbers, I would think it would not be an impossible task.

the real issue is these calls do not look like international calls but look like they are coming from your area, they are masking the original number with a fake one.

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Hi D2S, welcome to the community. Can you tell us what phone model you have (as different phones have different local call blocking options)?

Thank you. Yes, I have a Motorola G5S+.

Unfortunately there aren’t any onboard options on that phone for blocking calls other than one-by-one. Have you turned on Republic’s spam blocking feature in the Republic App?

I am getting calls from a foreign number (1+ 11 digits as opposed to 10 for US). The spammer hasn’t figured out how to make it look like a US domestic call, but he is able to change the number slightly with each call.

Yes, that is turned on.

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