Blocking calls and text messages



I am having a hard time blocking someone from calls and text messages…
I have Mr Number and another app…can 2 apps not be used at the same time?

I have a moto g 1st generation phone


Hi @wallyj!

I don’t think it would be the best idea to use two. Both of them would try to do the same thing which may end up rendering them both useless. If nothing else, using two takes up space and memory on your phone. I would keep whichever one you consider more reliable.



When I had Moto G1 I used two different call blocking apps. I noticed when one would let a call go through the other one blocked it. Have you seen this blog post:


On my Moto X1 I had Calls Blacklist for calls and Text Blocker for SMS blocking. They seemed to co-exist just fine. SMS Blocking requires it to be temporarily made the default SMS app during the setup process. I’m not sure how that jives with RW 3.0. FWIW, since moving to RW 3.0… I haven’t gotten any SMS spam messages…so I haven’t felt the need to install Text Blocker on my Moto X Pure. I still use Calls Blacklist for call blocking.

I do hope some day RW supports Simultaneous Ring feature…so that we can use a smarter call blacking
app like “Nomorobo”


seeing how both androids Messages and Republic anywhere lets one block a text sender I don’t see the need another text blocker
(I do still use Extreme call Blocker to block phone calls)


Wouldn’t help with calls to the secondary number, which is arguably the larger issue.

Nomorobo does have its Android app in beta testing and I don’t believe simultaneous ring is required:

The reviews aren’t great.

Extreme Call Blocker and its free version Call Blocker Voicemail Blocker both support the FCC’s spam list, so they’re reasonably smart apps.


Nomorobo works great for my home phone. I am sick of getting calls for solar panels…these are not
calls to the secondary number…(I get the same calls on my home phone and my RW number) and they are not protected by Do Not Call registry. Nomorobo seems to be doing a good job at screening them out.


I still say for most (perhaps not you) the secondary number is more likely to be the issue. Feel free to give Nomorobo’s app a try. Perhaps, it will ameliorate your experience? I’ll also reiterate, Extreme Call Blocker and its unpaid version both support the FCC’s Spam List, which I don’t believe other blocking apps you’ve referenced do?


The fly in the ointment with call blockers is that many spammers frequently change phone numbers. Blocking a specific number may have no effect at all in stopping calls from that spammer. I’ve kept a cumulative list of spammer numbers for more than a year now and have seldom received a call from any number on that list more than once.


While no panacea, the FCC spam list can be immensely helpful with that. I guarantee one of Nomorobo’s sources is the FCC list or its FTC equivalent (not publicly available that I know of).


I use Hiya for blocking spam calls and texts. Rarely get any coming through any longer. And you can easily add the ones that do to their database and help the community as a whole to block the new numbers the spammers generate to keep themselves in business.