BLOCKING CALLS: Lets have a conversation

so this is a forum…lets have a conversation. In this day and age, why do I have to download/purchase another app to block calls/texts? Why can’t Republic or Android just embed a call blocking feature? It’s sure as heck not a technological issue. Is it political? Is it because Google doesn’t want to undercut app sellers? I am sick of all the calls I get. I don’t want another probably intrusive app. I don’t want it to go to voicemail without ringing. I don’t want it hidden. I want it blocked so I never have to think about it.

I want to know 1) How YOU feel about it. 2) Literally - WHY isn’t this a standard feature? Maybe I’ve missed something. Maybe there is a valid reason…whether it’s in my best interest or not.

Looking forward to your feedback.

Why can’t Republic? Well now that they are out of the ROM they don’t have access to do this a in the legacy phone and they had bigger issues to deal with.
Samsung does include a block caller option so does Huawei, both in their skins of Android [ and they have for awhile]
I believe Google is now including this in there latest builds of their phones [Nexus/Pixel lines]
Motorola the big standout at this time but if stock Android has the feature I can’t see them removing it
The legacy phones are not going to see any update and will never have the feature added


yes the nexus an moto g+ have call blocking. I have had this for more
than a year on my nexus

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If your hidden number is causing all the Havoc with Mystery calls then have RW change it with a support ticket. All the blocking apps and tools won’t work on an underlying number. Actually nothing will block it.

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For what it’s worth, Extreme Call Blocker will block calls to the secondary routing number as well as one’s public facing Republic number. I believe the free version will also: Call Blocker Voicemail Blocker.. Interestingly, Huawei’s “Harassment Filter” will block calls to both the public facing and secondary routing numbers on the Ascend 5W.

The above said, I agree with my friend @bocephous that if one is receiving frequent calls for others; it’s wise to raise a help ticket, so that Republic can assist with the experience.


I just send unwanted calls to voicemail, they usually don’t leave a message.

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Message an
Expert customer