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I’ve searched republic wireless, but I haven’t had any success in finding my answer. Most of the answers were back in 2017, so I’m hoping something’s been updated since then. Has anyone found a way to block private numbers? I’m getting called every two hours for the past few weeks from a private number and no app I’ve tried has stopped them. The apps suggested in the previous posts two years ago don’t link anymore.

I think u can use some third party app, or use a script made in MacroDroid app to block certain calls based on certain conditions.

I’ve tried three separate apps and none seem to block private, but I’ll try the macrodroid

Sadly over 50% of all calls currently are of the ‘spammy’ verity, and no one method will outsmart the bad guys.
A couple of things to consider:


Hi @juliannem,

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The method mentioned in the second referenced link is worth a shot, however, I’m uncertain it will be effective when the caller is actively blocking Caller ID on their end. Candidly, I don’t know of an effective means of doing so.

Please look at your online call history when signed into your Republic account here: View Calls & Messages | Republic Wireless. Do you see the calls there or only on your phone?

You mention receiving these calls every two hours, so I’ll mention if you have reason to believe someone is harassing you specifically (as opposed to the typical spam we all endure to some extent), you might consider contacting your local authorities. Using a phone to harass someone is a crime in most jurisdictions.

The MacroDroid suggestion is an interesting one and it’s a powerful app useful in a variety of circumstances. I think we’d all be very interested should you discover a way to use it for blocking calls where the caller is actively blocking their Caller ID.

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@rolandh mentioned MacroDroid as a possible workaround.
Here is a screenshot of a simple app you could build.

Just download the MD App from Google Play and build by selecting a Trigger then an Action
The trigger of call incoming, provides some options for you to choose from, and I added a 2nd action of logging
Unable to test for you as I don’t have any unknown phones at the moment

ETA: Thanks to info received from @rolandh, I was able to test my ‘attempt’ at helping you … it was as simple as adding a *67 in front of the number I was calling (sometimes, I forget that I can’t remember everything)
Bottom line, my 1st attempt did not work … am still exploring and will poke around in the user forum on MacroDroid

I feel like the macro should work. I downloaded another macro that a user made on their template and will try that. It’s not like I don’t have lots of chances. I don’t think that it’s anyone harrassing me personally. Very few have my number and I’m online profile is very low, so… I think it’s just that ■■■■ spam thing and they learned that there’s next to no way to block private numbers.

Let us know what Template you used and how it worked for you … many of would welcome something that works … my stab at it, didn’t, sorry to say :frowning:

I’ve had some good news. This template that I’ve been using seems to work. The phone didn’t ring when a hidden number called, which is really good. So if you use the app, and you look for templates, the one I picked was called Stranger Call Blocker. Seems to work so far.


I am not finding “stranger call blocker” in the app store. This seems like something RW would make part of their call blocking function. If the stock app can block numbers why can’t it block “private numbers”. It seems like stock call blocking apps should do this, but every time I download one they want to become my default phone app… which I’d rather not do. Is RW planning on building in this funcitonality? Right now I’m getting about five “private number” calls a day. Sometimes they end up on VM and I can hear the call-center babble in the background, but they don’t leave a message.

Hi @markc.fw40gg,

Stranger Call Blocker isn’t an app. It’s a macro that works with this app:

Perhaps, @juliannem would be kind enough to describe how she located the macro and let us know if it continues to work for her?

Republic uses whatever stock Phone app that’s provided by your phone’s manufacturer or an alternative if you choose to install one. Republic does not have its own Phone app. Republic won’t be making changes to one’s Phone app because it’s not Republic’s app to modify.

Republic has implemented call blocking for its newer phones via the Republic app (which is separate from one’s Phone app) as described here:

Blocking private numbers is not currently supported nor, candidly, do I know if there are potential plans to do so. In my opinion, it’s worth considering but I say that as a non-developer who has no idea how trivial or not it would be to implement.

Users would do the following

  • Download and Open MacroDroid
  • Select Templates (center left grey) from the Home Screen
  • Search for Stranger Call Blocker t)
  • Once located TAP the Macro, then hit the Plus to save local on your phone .
    • Ensure it is toggled on (not greyed out). :dots: Menu Top right, also provides Enable/Disable.
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jben is correct, that’s how I found it. Although in my case, I just hit ‘templates’ and scrolled down. It was the third or fourth template. And it’s still working quite well. I still get calls, as my call logs indicate, but it automatically hangs them up so quickly that I barely feel a buzz from my phone before it’s done and it never rings, thankfully. I’m really surprised at how well it IS working, and I’m impressed in general with macrodroid.

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